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May 8, 2012 / wileyken

On the Autodesk App Exchange!

Command Trends is now available on the Autodesk App Exchange, here’s the link.


We offer a 30 day free trial.  Simply download the plug in and signup at our site.  Or start at our site and pull the plug in from there.  Understanding how you use CAD is what our analytics do.  Effective analytics require data, start building data today!

Get Better.  Do More.

May 2, 2012 / wileyken

Another big step – payments!

Command Trends took another big step today, now we’ll take your credit card.  People keep telling me cash flow is what makes or breaks startups, now we have both sides working – out has been going for a while.  We’ll soon have ourselves placed in the Autodesk App Store.  So what do we have?

Dashboard view

Dashboard – a quick summary of command and application activity

An Agent: This compact AutoCAD plug-in collects command and application history as you work.  It pushes this data to our server in the cloud.
At the Command Trends website you can then view:
Dashboard:  A quick overview of your Day, Week, Month, or Year command and application activity.

Commands: Drill into your command history. What day were you the most active?  How varied was your command vocabulary?

Command Details

An overview of command activity

Applications:  What applications do you use the most?  How many sessions do you have going?  How different is one day from the next?

Overview of applications used

View which applications you use and how often

Join us for a 30 day trail @
Get Better. Do More.

March 24, 2012 / wileyken

What Command Trends Does

Command Trends helps those who use CAD get better. Here’s how we describe it in our elevator speech:

Visualize how you use AutoCAD to increase productivity and efficiency. Gain insight to your application and command usage. Best of all, the data is yours.

Dashboard - Command View

A quick look at the week's command activity.

What does all that mean?

Visualize – Command Trends collects command data as you complete them, we then play that back to you in graphical form.  You’ll learn when you execute the most, you’ll learn how varied your command vocabulary is.

Increase productivity – Until you have good information about where opportunities lie you can’t make good decisions about where to focus your improvement efforts.  Command Trends will show you the patterns of commands you execute most – what better way to know where automation would payback.

Increase efficiency – Now that you invested in automation is anyone actually using it?  Do you need to re-train those who aren’t taking advantage of the tools the company spent good money on?

Gain insight – You never know how good you are until you have a benchmark to compare yourself against.  Command Trends lets you track your CAD usage, so you can look back to gain a historical perspective.  Soon, you’ll be able to compare yourself to others – what we call the crowd.

Learn more at Get Better. Do More.